Details of the devETH fork

Do you like the idea of cheapETH, but don't like the 25,000,000 coin premine that the cheapETH developers performed? Welcome to devETH.

This article explains some details of what was performed in the devETH fork, and some of our reasoning for it. Here is what went down in block 11932937:

  1. The fork introduced a developer fund of 100,000dTH to a multi-signature contract at address 0x2B37137c2f2C7d2FEd9659675A93CdDC3437DD67. The source code of this contract can be found here. The current signers of this contract are @vkoskiv, @bmca and @iiems. (Discord usernames) We hope this large developer fund does not come across as gratuitous. The developer team has no interest in participating in the development of devETH for financial gain. We are here to learn, as we hope you are.
  2. The fork drained the 25,000,000 coin fund created by the cheapETH team, and some additional, large derivative accounts of that fund. Most of the funds that were given away to cheapETH community members were not drained.

We are evaluating additional safety measures for our developer fund, such as a time-restricted storage contract. We are also working on procedures and protocols for deciding how these funds are to be spent. We also encourage healthy skepticism and questions from our community on Discord. Your feedback is a major driver of our decisions here at devETH.

The devETH team invites anyone interested in our take on the cheapETH vision to participate in our Discord server.

- The devETH team

(Updated on 24.02.2021)