Why devETH?

devETH is exactly like Ethereum. Ethereum has become so big and expensive making it hard for new developers to join in and learn. On devETH you can participate in every aspect of the chain, even the mining! If you mess up, no problem. devETH is cheap and always will be.

While devETH is cheap, it is not free. There are miners making sure the chain is safe and secure. This costs money. So naturally there will be a price for devETH. The aim is to peg the value of 1 devETH (dTH) at 0.001Ξ.

devETH does not intend to run a pre-mined crowdsale. We also do not intend to pay exchanges to list us. We trust exchanges will do the listing if we provide enough value to the Ethereum ecosystem.

If you have Ethereum as of block 11818959, you already have devETH. It is 100% compatible, and many existing contracts of the Ethereum mainnet are already available on devETH.

If you are a miner, have a look at our Mining Guide and see how you can start mining devETH. If you just want to set up a wallet, see our Wallet Setup. You can also join us on our official Discord Server